We are a bit more than simply racing and expecting great results. We have gone through the gauntlet too and there’s much more needed when it comes to the complexity of actually helping our fellow veterans. We bring together the elements of professional medicine, a field full of adrenaline-building excitement and challenges, as well as the inclusion of a familiar community that knows and can relate to what our brothers and sisters go through.


We started small and have expanded to keep helping veterans. There is no singular solution and we strive to build more and more outlets for both the positive experience, but also the therapeutic benefit. Check out some of our programs below.


We aren’t outsiders attempting to understand the gravity of something we weren’t a part of. We all were in the same sand and dirt and we share the experiences It’s from this that we paired with medical and industry professionals to create these programs.

Our crews and teams are experienced mentors that have worked in the industry for quite some time and are capable of offering extensive skills and knowledge.

We are composed of mostly combat veterans, even at the top, so our social environment is familiar with our veteran community, not institutional.

We consider racing as the by-product of what we do, not the total end state. We focus on the drive, the build, and the relationships developed.

Our success model is based on veterans attaching to back to their community. Healing and walking away with a renewed purpose, re-focused and motivated again

We are always working with other people and businesses to achieve mutual goals and accomplishments. Click below to read about our Non-Profit Partnership Program.